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Tummy Tuck

This method is applied to the abdomen, which occurs over time dangling and cracks. The main reasons for this problem are the rapid changes in weight and pregnancy. Stresses occur in the skin and musculoskeletal problems occur.
In cases of rapid weight gain, the skin is stretched and the lower layer of dermis is damaged, resulting in tissue thinning in certain areas. These thinning appear to be a crack in our eyes. It also loses its elasticity as the tissue is damaged, and sags occur. In addition to all of them, the muscles will move away from each other as a result of how much weight you have a belly like you have an image.

With this operation, your doctor takes the problematic areas of the substrate and repairs the muscles and hernias, as well as making you a new navel. It brings the distant muscles back together and creates a corset effect with a flat stomach.

If your complaints are only in the area under your belly, your problem can be solved by a smaller operation called mini abdominoplasty. Muscle repair can also be performed during this operation that leaves a shorter trace.

In this operation, a trace occurs in the bikini area just as in a cesarean section. You can walk up and walk in 24 hours after the operation, but you may still need to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days. You can return to your daily work within two weeks. To avoid firmness, you should wear a corset for 3 weeks. At the end of six weeks, heavy movements can be made.

With the operation, liposuction can also be done to make your body look more uniform. So you can have more feminine lines. Feminine lines can be provided by chest operations other than liposuction or by different aesthetic operations. One benefit of the series of operations to be performed in a single operation is that an anesthesia and healing process will take place once in a while.

For the abdominal stretching operation, it should be at least six months after delivery. If you are breastfeeding at the end of six months, you can have abdominoplasty with peace of mind. Although this operation has no effect on subsequent pregnancies, it is advisable to have it in a period when you will no longer become pregnant to get a more productive result.

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