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Prp Treatment

PRP ( platelet-rich plasma ) treatment is a hair strengthening method.

In PRP hair treatment , it is applied by otaining a kind of biological drug from the person’s own blood.

Thrombocyte rich and content ( platelets) , leukocytes, growth factors and keeping the part which is injected into the scalp of the person , the whole process takes a maximun between 1 and 1 and half hour .

For the high hair loss the hair transplantation is the best solution . The hair become bushy and strong. For the hair who does not spill so much and a little bit weak , the preferred solution is PRP treatment .

PRP treatment is also used in the hair transplantation , it is used 1day after the transplantation surgery .

PRP application in hair transplantation surgeries helps the skin to heal rapidly and to keep the hair in the cultivated area for a long time in the active growth phase and to adapt the planted hair after the surgery.

How to apply the PRP treatment
The process begins with taking some blood from the person , thrombosit rich plasma by centrifugation process and separation from the other components.

The PRP hair treatment period must be done once a month for 1 year.

PRP method can be both for men and women in case to make the hair strong .

PRP treatment is suitable for the persons between 25-60 years old .

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