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Beard Transplant Cost In Turkey / Istanbul

The beard and mustache are an important accessory for men and an important reason of their self-confidence.

The beard loss or rarity can be due to vital factors . This can be a problem for men , and which can cause unhappiness constantly because of the image that affects in the daily life. But there is a solution. With beard or mustache transplantation, you can have a strong image at any intensity.

Beard and hair have the same genetic characteristics. The hair on the nape are not shed because of their genetic characteristics . The follicles required for the beard transplantation are taken from the nape back of the head ( donor area).

Before the operation, the line of the beard is drawen and the number of graft needed for the face area is determined. Then, and in the nape region, the required number is taken and the beard is transplanted in a such a way is not disturbed. Beginning to develop one month after the transplant, at the end of the 3rd month it starts to become noticeably stronger and reaches the best result at the end of 12 months.

Beard and mustache transplantation is a procedure that requires expertise as in hair transplant It has to be done in a clinical setting with a team of experts and high standards.

Hair and beard transplantation in Turkey have a very good specialists. Este Prime Clinic in Istanbul/Turkey, have achieved very successful results with thousands of operations.

How much the costs of the beard transplant in Turkey?
Beard transplant is slightly more difficult than the hair transplant. The fact that the cheek and chin area is more sensitive than the head in an important factor in this difficulty. Therefore, the prices of the beard transplant vary and not a clear price is given . You can contact our number for Free hair Analysis and price information .

As Este Prime Clinic, we give you the image of your dream, we are with you and our experienced team can guarantee you a successful results .

Yes , the big change is possible! Please contact us to achieve the changes and the image you are dreaming of.

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