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DHI Hair Transplant Without Shaving

It is possible to make a hair transplant without shaving! A successful hair transplantation methods can provide a hair transplantation procedure without shaving.

After the operation, for the ones who can make problems about the healing period, this method can be the best choice.

In all the methods, the hair follicles need to be taken from the donor area( nape back of the head ), so that area must be shaved. The shaving is done just for the area where the hair follicles will be taken from.

There are two methods without a hair-cut in the hair transplant operation
FUE Hair Transplant : Limited number
DHI Hair Transplant : Unlimited number

In the FUE technique, It is possible to have a limited number of the grafts without getting any hair cut of the hair, as in this technique , the area where the channels will be opened , must not have any hair there . So it can be suitable in the area of the front of the head . The maximum number of the grafts that can be transplanted is 2000 grafts . With the classic FUE hair transplant, this method is ideal and gives very good results.

There is another technique that we advise which is the DHI Technique for Hair Transplant: In this method , the channels are not opened , this is an advanced thing in the hair transplant .The hair follicles are placed with a special pen and are injected into the scalp. In the DHI method , a hair transplantation can be performed for all the areas of the head without shaving the hair.

With this technique, a transplantation of 6000 hair grafts can be done. And for a duration period of 8 hours.

With the DHI Hair Transplant, there are no Marks, scars left on the scalp , and after 7 days , the person can be healed completely.

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