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Eyebrow Transplantation

In some cases, eyebrow peeling, which most people suffer from, can become a serious problem, even without age. There is no clear information about the reasons fort his.

Mostly, the damage of the follicles or roots of the eyebrows is thought to be effective in this. Apart from this factors. This is an aesthetic problem for everyone. Because it is directly affects the appearance of facial features. Therefore , such as the use of eyebrow pencil. However, this is not a definitive solution.

Eyebrow loss is the best solution for anyone who has become an aesthetic problem. This application is a solution for both eyebrows who spill and for the eyebrows with empty areas. Eyebrow transplantation can be done successfully with FUE technique used during the hair transplantation. If the person has hair in the nape of the back of his / her hair , there is no problem for making for a transplant. Eyebrows with a permanent and natural appearance can be successfully created. Thanks to the eyebrows transplant, the external appearance of the person is corrected and at the same time, a process will be done to support the person spiritually.

How is the eyebrow transplant done ?
The eyebrow area is anesthetized by using local anesthetic drugs. The micro channels are opened in this area with the help of the lateral slit. These channels are sown individually . The roots to be planted in that area are taken with 0,6-0,7 mm tools and without needing to wait for the skin with the same diameter needles. At this stage , the root death is not performed as the roots are applied without waiting so much .The ends used for sowing are thin so that they do not leave Marks after the process.

The person should determine the shape of the eyebrows and the sowing frequency. What is important in the transplanting process is that the follicles must be transplanted in the same angle and direction of 25-30 degrees. When it is wide, the eyebrows will be upright, causing discomfort to people. For this reason, it is useful for an expert to do the operation. On the eyebrows, usually 300-600 hair follicles are transplanted and positive results are taken.

Eyebrows loss in the technical person to be used during the cultivation of eyebrows is evaluated according to the reasons. Generally, successful results are obtained by the FUE technique.

What kind of changes can occur in the eyebrow transplantation?
After the first session of the transplant some spill may occur. However, after the spill, the eyebrows will rise again. After the first sowing session, you can see thin eyebrows growing. This is also extremely normal. Over time, thickening will occur and you will have thicker eyebrows. One of the most curious points about the subject is whether or not the planting will become white after the procedure . However, with the advancement of age, hair and other parts of the body when the hair begins to whitening, smear eyebrows may be white. Another concern is that the color of the whitening can not be changed. Unfortunately, eyebrows can not be restored to the old color .

What are the problems that can the eyebrow transplant correct?
Eyebrow transplantation is not only a regeneration of spilled eyebrows, but also a supportive application in the treatment of scars, Marks and postoperative traces. Eyebrows are examined before the operation and their frequency is evaluated by experts. Eyebrows transplant can often be used to hide the permanent scars in this region. Eyebrows may prevent the Marks from being seen from the outside.

How to evaluate the success of the eyebrows transplantation?
First of all, the eyebrow shape that the person wants must be adapted to the shape of the eyebrow that he/she has before. There should be an appropriate demand for the thickness and structure of the hair.

A person with sparse eyebrows, bushy eyebrows. Therefore, these assessments should be done carefully before the eyebrow transplantation. An analyse should be done with every person’s face, shape,posture . These evaluations should be done together with the specialist and the decision with the person, and the eyebrow view after the application should be displayed on the computer.

In addition, since the hair follicles are taken from the nape of the head in this application, the hair on the eyebrows will be extended. They will need to be shortened at certain times. This time should be set to be on average once a week.

What to pay attention after the eyebrows transplant?
After the completion of the operation of the eyebrows, the most important issue is hygiene. In the sterile environment , it is necessary to preserve the area where sowing is performed after the eyebrows transplant. This area should not be washed or wetted because it should not come in contact with water for a while. This period is reported to the patient by the physician.
It is important to note that the eyebrows are not stained until they are completely clear after the transplant.

After this period, there is no harm in coloring the eyebrows,the first time of the transplant , you can see that they are thin and weak . But after a while it will reach the ideal thickness. It should be emphasized , and creams, lotions or similar materials should not be applied or used for a few days after the procedure

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