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For A Successful Result Of A Hair Transplant 5 Important Factors

The hair transplant surgery becomes more popular than ever, and many informations we read about this procedure in both websites, written visual media actually cause the basic informations to be skipped .

It is very important to understand the basic and important steps of a successful and correct hair transplant operation .

Without damaging any of the follicles, the collected grafs are implanted carefully with the direction and angle of each one .

Post-operation care, these steps must be explained one by one .

The First Critical Factor : Accurate Diagnosis And Planning

For planning a hair transplant, first it is important to find the reason of the hair loss, this reason will help for the hair transplant procedure. For example, if a person’s hair loss is still ongoing, the areas that are seen going to spill should be included in the operation.

A person’s own facial structure is not about his vision. In other words, a forehead line should be drawn with a view appearance of 20 years while planning for an operation.

Also, the hair line should never be with a form of a straight line, because this significally will affects the natural appearance.

The Second Factor : A Healthy Collection Of The Hair Follicles

A great care must be taken during the collection of the follicles to preserve the integrity of a healthy hair, this process is concerning both the two methods: FUE and DHI Hair Transplant .

In order to prevent damage for the hair grafts during the collection, it is very important to take care of the angle and direction of each hair follicle. Otherwise, The follicles and the skin will be damage. In fact, only the first 3-5 days the hair follicles can not hold on the implanted place, after that period they will get used to the new place.

The Third And Important Factor : Keeping The Collected Follicles

The collected hair follicles are taking and storing at a +4 degrees with a value of life cycle. It is also to keep those follicles with a nutrition solution, even if we consider all these step and we apply it, we must keep in consideration the time of the follicles to stay alive. In FUE method, The collected follicles should be kept alive for a certain period of time because all the hair collected in this process is started to go . In DHI technique, the collected hair follicles is sown immediately, and transplanted immediately into the bald area between 1-2 minutes after the collection from the donor area, they do not need to be kept at +4 degrees.

Fourth Factor : Placing The Hair Follicles

It is a critical stage that determines the hair follicles by storing them with the appropriate conditions mentioned in the previous critical point. Here, firstly the following statement should be mentioned : An experienced surgeon must be able to make the necessary planning, that will be a result of a suitable and successful hair transplant.

We can explain the four important steps that should be considered when planting hair follicles

The angle and the direction of the hair follicles
Planning of the planting with a high density level and correct order.


Let’s take a deep look at the process:
First of all, each hair follicle has an angle of a 40 degrees. Of course, this situation must be at the same angle. It may be observed that a person who has combed his hair backwards for the rest of his life, may have decreased his angle a few degrees or otherwise he may have decreased it. That is why the expert, who cultivate the plant during the transplantation must have definitely analyzed the hair follicles correctly.

The second issue, is the direction of the hair follicles. Here too, the direction of the hair will be vertical to the face at the anteroposterior, the angles are titled in both directions. In this stage, the expertise of the team is a very important factor in correct adjustment of the hair follicles direction.

For third density , a good number of grafts should be obtained , the area where the largest hair is collected is from the back of the head( donor area) between the two ears. These hair follicles are affected by the male hormone. Therefore, they are very important .

Fifth Factor: Caring

If the person who desides hair transplantation using alcohol and cigarette, the doctor will advice him to leave these habits on the day of the transplantation, because alcohol and cigarette are mixed with the blood.

The red blood cells which are the important and basics prevent them from carrying out oxygen transport duties.

This affects the nutrition of the hair follicles adversely. Vitamins and proteins will also help of the care of the hair. Apart from these, washing your hair and stay clean and staying away from stress are the important issues that affect the health of your hair throughout life.

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