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Is It Safe To Get Hair Transplant in Turkey ?

Turkey is the most popular country fort he hair transplantation.

There are a lot of people coming to Turkey from Europe, Canada, America and other parts of the world to have a hair transplantation.

First, the reason that all these people come to a hair transplant in Turkey is the : Price . The cost of the hair transplantation in Europe for example is between 15.000-20.000 dollars, concerning Istanbul/Turkey is between 2000-3000 dollars , people can get hair or beard transplant just with this price.

The price advantage is enough?
Of course not . As we know, hair transplantation is an important operation. It should be performed in a high Standard clinical environment with an experienced and well-trained team. It is an operation that is important in all stages with analysis, operation success and control after the operation. Turkey is known with its well-trained experts and clinical advantages. These reasons can give a successful results.

Of course, there are teams doing bad work, your choice for the best doctors and best clinics is very important here. You should look at each clinic before/after operations, results, to get a clear answers to your questions …Before you decide, it is very useful to look at the hair team operations of the clinic before.

As a team of Este Prime, we guarantee you a very successful hair / beard / eyebrow transplantation with our best experienced team . Our experts are working hard fort his because we have achieved success in our priority . We continue to maintain our success in the clinic in a big number of our cases.

You can look at our operations by following our Instagram and Facebook Pages , you can also read about our previous customers reviews on our Google page . You can get free ideas with a free hair analysis by contacting this number : +90 533 656 58074 Whatsapp line ( 08:00 – 22:00 ).

Well, Is it safe to get hair transplantation in Turkey ?
The operations success , the clinical advantages and the well-trained teams mentioned above, we can say that it is safe. Turkey is safe for hair transplant ( except the taxi drivers who can seek more Money from you, you need to convene immediately to the police. I am sorry to mention that , a classic world).

You can have hair transplantation in the modern city of Istanbul where different cultures live together, visit the historical buildings and have fun with the colorful entertainment life. In this article Why Istanbul Is The Perfect Location For Hair Transplant you can have an idea

At Este Prime Clinic, we are engaged with all of our customers transportation and accomodation, 4 stars hotel accomodation, airport transfer to hotel, hotel to clinic – clinic to hotel- hotel to airport, including everything you need. We are together with our customers not only during the operation, but also during the process.

We try to answer your questions about the transplantation, if you have any different questions, please do not hesitate to contact us .

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