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The Most Asked Questions About The Eyebrow Transplant

The transplanted eyebrows, can be colored in the future?
• Yes they can be painted after the recovery period.

Can you give a structure for the straight eyebrows?
• With the FUE technique, the desired structure can be added to the eyebrows .

After the transplanted, can an eyebrow piercing be done ?
• Yes it can be done after the healing period.

Does the hair removed from the nape of the back of the head grow too long in the area of the eyebrow?
• Yes it will grow and can be long , you need to shorten it .

I am happy with the intensity of my eyebrows, Is this method can be applied to change the shape ?
• Yes, using the same roots we can shape them.

What is the risk of infection in the eyebrows transplant?
• The procedure is carried out in a sterile environment. If the hygiene rules are followed after the procedurei no infection occurs.

The color of the eyebrow contour i made changed. Can the transplant be done to a close color?
• Yes the contour traces can be closed with eyebrow transplantation.

Can i choose any eyebrow shape that i want ?
• Yes, the patient can choose the shape of the eyebrows that he wants before the transplantation.

Is it possible to feel pain during the operation?
• Since local anesthesia is performed during the eyebrow transplantation procedure , it can be said that it is painless . Since the FUE technique is used during this application, no incision is made in any region. But it is an application that requires experience in the transplantation of the eyebrows.

The FUE technique will be used, will be any traces, Marks left on the skin ?
• With the FUE technique in the eyebrows , the hair follicles are taken individually , so there is no traces. Therefore, FUE technique is more preferred in eyebrow sutuing. Even if the hair is scraped, there is no scar on the neck. After a while the white spots begin to disappear.

Who are the person who can maket he procedure?
• Most women are applying for the eyebrow transplantation. This is due to the thick eyebrows fashion, at the same time because of the eyebrows are becoming increasingly sparse.

How is the eyebrow shape determined?
• The patient and the doctor decide on how the eyebrow shape will be . The new eyebrow shape is determined according to the anatomical form of the eyebrows. Everyone has a different eyebrow shape. There is also an eyebrow shape that fits the face structure of everyone.

Should the eyebrow be shortened afterwards?
• The eyebrows reach their structure after 7-8 months after the transplantation. But the most important detail that patients need to know that the hair follicles that are planted on the eyebrows will grow due to the hair removal from the nape back of the head. It will grow on the eyebrows just like the hair on the head. Therefore, it is necessary to shorten the eyebrows at certain intervals.

Will the results be natural ?
• The eyebrow transplantation is not normally noticeable. However, eyebrow transplant should be done by a team of experts. It is important to have it done by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Is it permanent, should it be repeated?
• Eyebrows are not spilled on the eyebrows. However, if the patient demands, a procedure can be done to tighten the eyebrows after the sowing, there is a certain ratio of eyebrow density. Because the skin can not remove the excess hair transplanted.

The eyebrows……?
• The hair follicles after the sowing are likely to break. In such a case, the patient can be re-eyed. However, the problem of frustration as a result of shaping the eyebrows does not create a problem.

Does it end in One session ?
• Eyebrow transplantation is completed by taking hair follicles, opening the canals and transerring the hair follicles to the opened canals. These operations are completed in about 2 hours. If there is no special case, the eyebrow transplantation is finished as we said in one session.

Which method is used ?
• There are two different methods available for the transplantation of the eyebrows. One of them is FUT technique and FUE technique, FUE : the follicles are collected individually . So it is considered to be more comfortable for the eyebrows transplantation with This Technique. That is why the FUE technique is preferred for the eyebrows transplantation.

Does the FUE technique has any inconvenients?
• The time of the eyebrows transplantation with the FUE technique is slightly longer . However, if the average duration od 1-2 hours eyebrows acceptable, while the FUE extends only 15-20 minutes. Therefore, along with its advantages, this time is not seen as a disadvantages .

How is the decision to make an eyebrow transplantation?
• The decision to make the transplant of the eyebrows is take at the request of the person. The person decides to make this procedure. They can make this application by contacting the experts on this domain.

When will the eyebrows find the form after the procedure?
• The extension of the eyebrows begins after 3 months of the transplantation. It takes 7-8 months after the eyebrows to penetrate into the natural form.

Can the roots be taken from another area besides the nape back of the head?
• Hair follicles to be used for the transplant should be soft and thin. The region with these features is the nape back of the head. Since the hairs in this area are compatible with the eyebrows. The hair follicles are removed from here during the transplantation. The hair is other parts of the body are not suitable for the transplantation because they will be hard and thick and they will spill with time. When planted, a natural appearance can not be obtained. The eyebrows will become hard and thick.

Is the eyebrows elongation rate same ?
• Eyebrows begins to reach the natural form in about 1 year of the transplantation. After this time, the eyebrows become longer. As of the second year of October, the rate of elongation begins to slow down .

What is the frequency of the hair follicles?
• The density of the hair follicles in the eyebrows is a certain amount. Therefore, an average of 60 follicles can be planted in CM2 during the transplantation procedure, the intensity of the eyebrows in a certain amount. If the person requests a more intense eyebrows form, a subsequent tightening can be performed. It must pass at least 1 year.

Can the reconstituted eyebrows be rebuilt in thickening ?
• Eyebrow transplantation can be repeated if thickened eyebrows need to be re-tickened after a short period of time. There will be no problem with that .

Where to make a perfect eyebrows transplantation ?
• Although it may seen like an easy procedure, it should be done in a hospital environment , accompanied by a specialist plastic surgeon and nurses with an experienced background.


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