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Things To Be Considered Before And After The Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is an important procedure. The team that will make this operation must have a high level of experience, and the clinic where the operation will be carried out must have high standart technologies.

At the same time, the person who will have the hair transplant operation needs to be conscious.

There are important points that should be considered before and after the operation.

Before a hair transplantation

» You must be prepared psychologically. After the hair transplantation , you will experience a great change. You will be different from the image that you’ve used to many years ago.It is a great feeling to have a strong hair with a strong personality, but sometimes it takes a long time to get used to it .

» Hair transplantation is very important to whome to are interested. The biggest factor in hair transplant is the operation quality of the team. You should choose the clinic where you will deliver your health and hope. You have to investigate a lot. Look at the previous operations of the clinic you are seeing, the results, and the comments of the customers who have already been hair transplanted. Some users are getting the price priority, this is wrong. Once you get the operation, your priority is the quality of the operation and the success of the result. You should choose the clinic that will give you the best results.

» A good quality before the hair transplant; take a Picture of the head, front area, crown area, right and left sides . A hair transplant expert’s advice is important to you. Ex: the bald area needs 7000 grafts , but your donor area is suitable for 5000 grafts , so do not insist on 7000 grafts in such case. For the hairline, you should follow the advice of the doctor, because he determines accordingly the hairline by calculating the coming of the forehead with the most appropriate hair line draw. It is your benefit that you follow the advice and decision of the expert.

» You should not consume alcohol before the operation and not to smoke, you need to reduce smoking. Leaving alcohol at least 15 days in advance , because it affects both the operation and the quality of the post-operative roots.

» The clinic will ask you if you have a disease. If you have any health problems you must inform before. In some cases, no operation is performed. People with HIV can not get operated . Before the clinical operation, you are doing a blood test.

After the operation

» The clinical team will give you a document with instructions. You must obey them.

» You must rest continuously for the first 3 days after the operation. It is time to spend time stretching without much movement, if possible, spend the first week at home, do not go out.

» The second day of the operation, they will bring you to the clinic and wash your hair. You will rinse your hair by squeezing the foam, not touching your head for the next 10 days . You never contacted your head in this process.

» Your donor will heal during the healing process. You should never scratch it . After 15 days the area is completely healed, and on the 15th day you should take out the scrubs by a small massage with your fingers. You can start washing your hair normally after 15 days. Accelerating the blood circulation by massaging your hair. Gently a massage with fingers without too much pressure.

» You should not shave with the machine for the first 3 months. It is better to wait a little longer and not shave your head.

» In the first 5 months you should not use jelly, wax or other products.

» There may be some wounds and inflammations due to the healing in your head, do not panic. Get your advice by taking a photo and send it to the clinic.

» You should not consume alcohol in the first month of the operation, and reduce smoking cigarette the maximum you can .

Keep in touch with your clinic in this process. At first, you have to check the condition by sending a photo every 10-15 days.

Send photos every month after the first month of the operation and get ideas and recommendations. It takes 12 months to reach the hair. Contact our clinic during this process.

The excitement of getting a new hair after the transplantation can cause impatience. Relax, your will be beautiful and will reach you .

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