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What Are The Methods Used in The Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant operation is suitable for men and women both. Especially men who have an accessive hair loss, which can causes self-confident of the person.

With the advanced and developped technology and with experienced staff and expert, it is now possible to reach the wanted hair. Which can make a strong self-confidence of the person.

With the two technique of the hair transplant, You can have a successful procedure, these 2 methods give a very high results and success.

Since the hair transplant is started, we can list 2 methods as follows

• FUE: Follicular Unit extraction
• DHI: Direct hair İmplantation

What is the DHI hair transplantation?
DHI ( Direct hair transplantation) ,in this process is by removing the hair from the donor area ( back nape of the head) with special needles made especially for DHI technique and placing it for 1-2 minutes with the same needle. İt seems to be like the FUE technique, but there are some difference between the two methods.

What are the differences between the old FUE technique and the DHI technique?
•The first difference is that in the DHI technique, the hair transplant operation can be possible to make without shaving the head.

• Since the hair follicles are transplanted from the donor area within 1-2 minutes , these hair follicles can not wait outside the body and that can not causes a damage for the follicles.

• For the areas where the hair is not completely spilled, it can be possible to make easily the hair transplant between the other hair follicles.

• The hair transplant can be done especially in the narrow places and make each follicle very near to each other.

What are the Disadvantages or inconvenients of the DHI method?
İn the normal FUE method, the duration of an operation is very long , for an example, for 4000 grafts , they can be implanted in 6 hours , this number can be completed in 8 hours with the DHI method hair transplant.

This method requires a very big attention because it is a very sensitive process, and this can increase the cost of the method.

The opening of the channels with the old FUE technique , it is important to choose a specialist hair transplantation center to be practiced.

İn the DHI method, after taken each root , the placement of each root is different , depends on the angle and direction on each root had been previously planted , this process requires experience.

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