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Why Choosing The Ice Cell Sapphire For The Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is mostly affected by stres, genetic factors, But it has a solution; with the hair transplantation you can regain your losted hair and also your appearance.

With the developing techniques, hair transplantation gives very successful results.

Today, the most commonly used technique is the FUE hair transplantation with the Sapphire blades , the taken grafts from the donor area are putted into ice cells , as a results of the transplantation provides even more successful results.

The Fue technique is the transfer of the hair follicles which are taken from the nape back of the head and transferred into the bald area by opening the channels before with a 40-45 degrees angle.

Thanks to the Sapphire blades, the depth and width of the opening of the channels is more better.Therefore, the hair follicles are better placed and less affected by external factors. Also the healing time is more much shorter because the Sapphire blades leaves less scars and Marks and the area of the operation is completely healed after 10 days.

The ice cells provides protection of the hair follicles , and these last are removed from the back area and remain in the sterile system during the operation that lasts about 8 hours. When this cell is applied, the held hair roots are not affected by external factors and maintain their vitality.

The FUE technique achieves the perfect result with the use of the ice cells and Sapphire blades.

As Este Prime Clinic for hair transplanting, we provide you the latest technology with Ice cells and Sapphire blades and we promise you to reach your hair as you’ve imagined .

Turkey / Istanbul has a 12 years of experience is this field and providing plantation services , you can take a look to Este Prime Clinic and its results before/after the operation, and do not forget to send your pictures for a free hair analysis.

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